Suzhou Cloud Computing Center

2020-05-12 15:22:09 128

Project Brief:

  Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Suzhou Municipal Government and Huawei signed a tripartite cooperation agreement on cloud computing industry development strategy in Hefei. Through cooperation, the three parties will combine advantages in policies, capital, and enterprise resources to build a sample cloud computing application site in East China based on the Suzhou Cloud Computing Data Center. In the future, Suzhou will become the information consumption support center and cloud computing industry base in East China.


1. The project is a turn-key project, providing a cubicle unit of emergency power generation system, fuel system, complete set of high-voltage incoming switchgear, installation and laying of cables and control lines.

2. Automatic oil replenishment control, each unit is equipped with 1000L oil tank, three 20 cubic meters buried oil tank, buried oil supply pipeline, oil pump, liquid level display, etc.

3. 5 sets as a group, the units are parallel, and the hardware and software are redundant.

4. Fire monitoring system is arranged inside and outside the square cabin unit.


10 sets of 10.5kV, 50Hz, 2200kw rated power contianerlized diesel generator sets.