Silicon Factory Power Plant

2020-05-12 15:21:59 321

Project Brief:

  The project is to add two high-temperature and high-pressure coal-fired start-up / standby, peak-shaving boilers and a 25MW back-pressure unit black start complete system for Hesheng Power (Shanshan) Power Plant Supporting Park, including black start AC diesel generator sets 3. High-voltage distribution system of generator set.


1. The diesel generator emergency system should be designed and supplied by our company in a complete set, including on-site installation and commissioning, and delivered to the user as a whole.

2. The project includes the design and supply of the unit, installation of the unit, installation of intake and exhaust air in the machine room, oil supply system (including automatic oil control), design and supply of the power distribution cabinet of the unit, etc.

3. The project has completed the parallel design and operation of 12 units. And the unit must be connected to the grid and output in a fixed power mode.


12 sets of GM1900T, 6.3kV, 50hz diesel generator sets.