Beijing Data Center

2020-05-12 15:19:08 163

Project Brief:

  The power system of the 1 # and 2 # buildings of this project adopts dual power supply and is equipped with 16 main 1800KW diesel generator sets. The IT equipment is equipped with UPS uninterruptible power supply to form a fully redundant power supply system to ensure 7 * 24 hours Continuous power supply.


1. Buried oil tank: A dual-feed single return fuel system is used with the daily fuel tank. The underground oil tank is configured with four 50m³ tanks. This design can meet the unit's 24h operation requirements and fire protection requirements. The oil tanks are equipped with "one main and one backup" two oil pumps, which greatly improves the stability of the fuel system.

2. Daily fuel tank: It is made of carbon steel plate and has strong corrosion resistance. Equipped with magnetic flap level gauge; equipped with electric valve and bypass manual valve, which can ensure the smooth flow of daily oil tank filling pipeline.

3. Fuel system control cabinet: The fuel system adopts automatic control PLC cabinet, which can display the oil level of daily fuel tank and buried oil tank in real time, and upload it to the background duty room.


16 sets of prime power 1800kW, 50hz, diesel generator sets.