PetroChina Oil Pipeline Cycle Charging Power System

2020-05-12 15:22:58 177

Project Brief:

  PetroChina's China-Russia oil pipeline project has no electricity supply along the pipeline, and the temperature in the area is extremely low in winter (minimum -55 ℃) and high in summer (maximum 40 ℃). Originally designed a rechargeable power supply system that can be used in extreme cold conditions to meet the requirements of the project to achieve unattended operation and provide power supply guarantee for communication equipment, instruments and other equipment along the oil pipeline. In the early stage, a total of 10 sets of Western Electric Cycle Charging Power System were applied along the Mozambique-China-Russia oil pipeline.


1. In order to meet the local cold weather conditions in winter, the unit adopts a silent type unit, equipped with a silent hood space heater, electric ball space heater, engine water jacket heater, commercial power charger, etc. Control screen heater. The whole diesel generator is suitable for long-term operation, low maintenance, high reliability and long service life.

2. In order to meet the needs of the rotation of 2 units and 1 spare, ATS automatic transfer switch cabinet is equipped in the cabinet equipment 3 sets of ATS transfer switches use French imported Sogomet switches, which are stable and reliable. And won the  invention patent.

3. The machine room is equipped with 1 adjustable electric inlet louver and 3 exhaust louvers. The equipment room is equipped with 1 louver and 1 exhaust fan.

4. An automatic fire alarm device and an automatic fire extinguishing device fire protection system are installed in the entire cabinet. The source system of the complete cycle charging power supply system should be able to adapt to the normal working requirements in severe cold climates and other environmental conditions. It has unattended, continuous operation and maintenance-free or less maintenance as a small independent power supply in remote power shortage areas. Provide reliable power supply for the main equipment, intelligent monitoring and communication system to ensure the overall high reliability of the system. An independent "plug and play" power supply system, which meets the user's electrical load requirements, does not require the user to provide additional hardware and software equipment, and has the remote communication function with the user's communication device, which can realize the necessary remote Functional requirements such as control and monitoring.


3 sets of TM22SP single phrase 220V AC diesel generator sets.