Employee quality awareness training

2019-10-24 14:48:16 156

  On October 24, the manufacturing center carried out "employee quality awareness" training.

  The training was led and lectured by the supervisor of the quality management department, Zeng Xunxi. The director Yang Yongjia of the manufacturing center attached great importance to the training. He personally summoned the personnel of the workshops, technology and production planning departments to attend and attended the whole course.

  The training was explained in six aspects: "definition of quality, what is quality awareness, who should have quality awareness, where does product quality come from, how to make qualified products, and establish a correct quality concept".

  The training focuses on explaining how to make qualified products based on the quality problems and customer complaints on the production site: it is required to set the workflow and product requirements from the design source, carefully demonstrate, continuously improve, and pursue perfection; during the production process, the work process and Relevant requirements become their own work guidelines, timely self-inspection and mutual inspection; correct treatment of non-conformities, it is recommended to use the "5why" method, "fishbone diagram", "Plato" and other methods to trace the root of the problem to Basic links such as machine, material, method, and environment, and take measures against the last traced cause to solve the problem from the root cause and achieve continuous improvement.

  The training also listed the wrong quality concepts and the correct quality concepts based on the current quality concepts of the workshop personnel. I urge everyone to establish the concept of "customer first, quality first" and do "quality is in my heart! Quality is in my hands!"

  Product quality improvement starts with the improvement of employees' quality awareness. When consciousness changes, behavior changes, and behavior changes, habits change. Do not forget the original intention.

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